Forced to go around

Okay… I am flying very often since more than 20 years and never experienced a touch and go.
I only know 2 persons personally who ever sat in a flight that started again.

This “… was forced to go around” happens way too many times, specially when you take into account that there’s not much (besides building the approach lights) you can do about it, or is there?

So I think the high probability for it is a bug and need to be drastically reduced or, better, there should be a way for the player to set the probability: in ‰!

It’s probably used as a catch all term for flights that includes flights that are holding due to runway congestion. If it doesn’t include that then you are right

I think the probability was decreased by around half somewhere between experimental and stable, but yes it’s still happening too often and I don’t see it even matters whether it’s day or night. Additionally to approach lights, PAPI should be decreasing that probability, too, as I think they are purely decorative right now, and when the weather gets overhauled there should be also ILS added to the game.

Following plane in the game only approaches after runway was cleared by the landed plane (with exception when you have a couple of exits, and a landed plane goes to one of exits and then returns to the middle of runway to go to the other exit, but that’s a bug and the next plane doesn’t go around but lands on top of the plane that already landed). They are rather only random missed approach go arounds.

No, it doesn’t,I think. I saw an animation of a flight going around along with the message .
There are always some flights holding short without that message.

It honestly happens more than you think and for a lot of different reasons. On average, at the busier airports, you will see a few rejected landings every day.

I have not paid much attention to it, anyone know about how long it takes after a go around for the aircraft to come back around and land in the game? It should not take but a few minutes in good weather in most situations. I take it the main complaint is that now the aircraft arrives to your airport significantly late and screws up the schedule for a particular gate the rest of the day.

Perhaps a tweak to how often go arounds occur and how long it takes for the aircraft to return and land could be considered?

Go-around is a relatively rare manoeuvre for most commercial pilots. On average, a short-haul pilot may make a go-around once or twice a year, and a long-haul pilot may make one every 2 to 3 years.
… says Wikipedia

Exactly my point

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