Flight planner - time continuity

Feature request title:

Flight schedule could be continous - meaning it should be possible to schedule a flight arriving at 11 PM one day and departing 2 AM the day after.


I could imagine a flight planner as a continuous axis for 7 days, split by day parts/hours where it could be possible to schedule overnight flights. This would allow more efficient use of scheduler and available time slots.

Why it should be implemented:

I often shift the schedule for half of the gates to avoid traffic jams and ensure better resource usage. This leads to a drawback that part of the time remains unused. It should be quite obvious that a planned flght can stay overnight just as GA can.

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Something Fredrik and I have often talked about being able to plan flights like this.

i agree, i often stagger my flights to ensure a less cluttered airport, i would rather planes parked overnight and continued the turnaround in the am if night flights were not active

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