Flight delays due to passengers not going through security checkpoints


Nearly all of my flights are delayed because of passengers who are already checked in, are not going through security (well, that is what I think looking at the flight monitor) despite having more than enough security checkpoints and passport checkpoints. I’ve tried making the secure area more appealing by adding shops and lounges but it still does not work. What can I do? Is this a bug?

Somehow by activating baggage handling service I solved this problem. Passengers are going through security well on time now.

Did you had the baggage system all connected but not activated?

Yes, that is the case.

Will it happen again when you disable it? (May save it as a different savegame)
Sounds like you found a bug.

Yes, then it happens again!

Send a bug report ingame and write here the number. @Olof and friends will be happy for this.

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