Fix Items Until They Are Unfixable


Currently we are laying down furniture items and when they become damaged the service technician comes and fixes them, should it not be the case that they should be repairable up to a point after which they need to be destroyed and re-built a new.

Why it should be implemented:

To stop us getting the notion that once we have layed down an item it can be repaired an infinite number of times.

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We lay down the decision to place furniture on a certain location. Using the construction menu to replace an item does not sound handy to me, as you have to wait for the destruction before you can replace something. Perhaps you could suggest a system of the service technician replacing the furniture themselves when they’d be beyond repair. Make em walk to the offload site, and carry the furniture with 2 to a broken one and replace it.

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This doesnt sound like fun to me :slight_smile:
Placing items, moving, storing and repairing them is fine. But replacing something with the same item? No thanks.
Replacing it with a better version that is less likely to break is good, replacing with same item isnt

The only thing i am suggesting here is that infinately repairable items is unrealistic, should it ever make it to feature selection i will leave the implementation to the devs :slight_smile:

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