First viable airport (Sandbox)

Build 0.21.9

Still having issues with baggage. I’ve gone through things a hundred times and can’t figure out why it’s not making the correct circuit. Everything’s on, going in the right direction, plenty of staff & vehicled, tons of time between flights using one baggage bay, etc.

The north runway is departures only, south is arrivals. Went for long & narrow with 6 medium and 6 small stands. Each baggage bay serves 3 stands. I have 4 carousels for all the mediums and 2 for the smalls.

There’s two full-service security checkpoints and one small one reserved for staff, along with a private staff lavatory. Pax love to hang out in toilets for some reason.

Spacing/staggering the flight schedule alleviated the turnaround time issue, will have to play with the cushion between consecutive flights at the same stand.

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What is your average FPS?

Look great!!

With the baggage issue, it seems there’s pathfinding issues for the ramp agents. Can they actually get there?

Also make sure the baggage system is enabled in the operations panel.

10-15 fps on a four-year-old MacBook Pro 13" (i7 2.8GHz, 16GB RAM, 1.5GB Iris integrated graphics).

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Not getting any error messages implying they cant, seeing rampers & agents all over the baggage at the various locations.

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Everything will go to the baggage bay from the plane or check in and stay there. Ramp agents and service vehicles galore.