First class and connecting passengers

Hi, pardon me if this has already been addressed, but I am wondering if there are going to be any more content updates for ACEO. Specifically, I am wondering about the addition of connecting passengers as well as business and first class distinctions such as queue priority, lounges, and other luxury perks. I find these items as a needed addition to the game as they have both been implemented in other airport management games and with this having the best graphics and gameplay by far, would make a great addition.

It has been said multiple times before that there will be no major content updates, only bug fixes.

The issue is that those features require amassiv overhaul and recoding of the existing functions.

As the devs are working on their next project, only minor, very usefull and quick to implement improvements are being made.

By the way, lounges for Business passengers are implemented. A certain number of passengers are designated business passengers and will use those lounges.

Also the shopping behaviour depends on the rating category of the airline. Passengers from higher rated airlines prefer more to spend out money.

Do you think that there will be an update so that modders could create items to be alternative to the ones currently in game? (For example in SimAirport)

No. Codding for the game was very spaghetti to start, and that means it is essentially impossible to support other mod types.

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