FAOR/JNB - O. R. Tambo International Airport

Fellow CEOs,

After reading this forum and looking at some amazing airport designs, I have decided to build FAOR - O. R. Tambo International Airport in ACEO, as I worked there for 5+years. It also also my closest major international airport, the other one being FALA/HLA - Lanseria, which I might do in another build.

It is a complex multi-level airport IRL, but until then, will make do with a single level. It also has a large and complex road and parking system which also cannot be implemented in ACEO, but again, will work within those limits.

In researching the build, I have found that they have a unique/specific approach to bathroom facilities, which I will mimick in the ACEO build.

I hope to have some screenshots up in the next week or so, and will use this thread to that end.


…and he was never heard from again. Thus ends the legend of the ACEO version of ORTIA.


They went MIA Feb 17 of this year

I have made one, but got board when the smaller details inside came in and a few updates that broke the save - its a stack of work to redo it. - - - let me see what i can do to bring it back to life - and i am not speaking of business rescue :rofl:

Hah, like the joke. Make sure you’ve got electricity!

Maybe do Cape Town Airport, haven’t seen that one :grin: I’m currently doing Harare Airport

Last time i was in Cape Town, was January, and i actually cant remember the ins and outs, except the cool tunnel from the rental car park!

Excel plan . . . OR Tambo