Enable baggage drop off for every flight on every machine

Enable baggage drop off for every flight on every (connected) drop off machine:

Disclaimer: I’ve never flown out of an airport that has automated baggage drop offs, so maybe the current implementation is realistic. IMO though, automation should mean that you no longer need to line up at a specific point, so your bag goes to the right location. You should be able to drop the bag in any drop off machine, with the machine sending it to wherever it needs to go.

Therefor, I think that passengers should be able to drop their baggage off at any drop off point that’s connected to the right baggage bay(s).

Why it should be implemented:

The current implementation doesn’t make any sense (IMO), and removes all benefits you’d normally get from automation, other than not requiring people to do it.

Hi, i posted this within a more wider suggestion of shared facilities and ability to assign multiple airlines to facilities.

Hope don’t mind me sharing link…

Not at all! You’ve got some great ideas, so you’ve got my vote!


How are you feeling? You have been on the forum for only a week, and have already thrown 7 “feature voting”. In my opinion, you should start developing your own airport, with so many ideas that the developers did not think to implement in more than 5 (!!!) years of development. Do you think that now, when they are already releasing the latest alpha, and preparing for beta testing, there is a chance that they will begin to implement some additional implementations from the ideas of the community members?

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With all due respect, but if that would be true we should close this subforum, because it seems not to fulfill any purpose anymore.


I would really like a feature similar to this added too, with the current map size making a multi-terminal airport and then hooking all the baggage bays up feels really cumbersome, and sometimes I just don’t bother with baggage at all because the current system of assigning one desk to one bay to one baggage claim seems clunky and a major barrier to expansion.

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