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Hello again! I am building an airport terminal with only electronic kiosks for check-in and baggage drop. Is there a specific ratio I should aim for of baggage drops and check in kiosks to baggage bays/number of aircraft stands that improves efficiency?

For some reason, I have started taking large delays in passengers arriving to the airport, checking in, getting through security, etc. This is one area I’d like to address as I’ve already added additional screening checkpoints.

It really depends on your airport’s size and layout. The main intention with automated check-in is not to necessarily make the process more efficient (although it almost always is) but to free up resources and perhaps fire a few passenger service agents.

Should they be used in tandem with in-person check-in desks or can I continue to exclusively use electronic check-in?

You can use only automated check ins. I have done airports with 48 medium gates and 20 large gates and only had passenger service agents at information desks in the main entry way. Check-in and boarding were completely automated.

I usually do about 30 check in kiosks, but that’s when I have a tight schedule of 16 medium gates with a flight leaving every 15 minutes,

I tend to have twice as many baggage drops as I have gates attached to a baggage bay in case the auto planner puts too many flights at once.

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I’ve got 40 self-service check-ins and 40 baggage drop-offs for each 2 big stands or 3 medium stands. The flight planner is full with 350 flights per day and normally all passengers are getting to their flights.

Thank you for this ratio! I’ll work towards this. Truthfully, in one terminal (medium and small stands only) I have 2 baggage drop offs per baggage bay. Each baggage bay is maxed out on small/medium stands attached.

In my other terminal, large stands only, I have four baggage drop offs per baggage bay. Again, they’re maxed out on large stands attached. I’ll up the number of baggage drop offs!

Also - any advice for quickly closing and demolishing my old baggage drops? Even after disconnecting them from the baggage bay (replaced by all my new ones I am building), tey still have flights attached to them and I can’t demolish them.

Delete the terminal square under them. It does work quite effectively! :rofl:

Credit to Jasperwillem. (Anyone remember him? No? Oh… :frowning:)

The system prioritizes scheduling flights to automated bag drops ahead of check-in desks, until a limit after which if it cannot find any available bag drops it’ll schedule the check-in on any available (matching) check-in desk instead!

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