Efficient Taxiway Layouts? Begging for guidance!

Hi Everyone,

Ever since the game got the update to “more realistic taxiing” (a while back), the point where we could no longer set specific pushback points, is where I took a break from playing the game (for other, personal reasons). I recently came back, and found that I cannot, for the life of me, get a good layout/flow for the taxiway on any airport I design. No matter my airport layout in relation to the runway with the ensuing taxiways, I will get massive pushback delays because the wait line to take off just grows quicker than it can shrink, which will block the pushbacks. Then, on top of that, I think there’s small bugs that have a random aircraft lose its place in the “queue” of when to pushback, causing me to get 14+ hour pushback delays. Am I just being too zealous with my build, using too many aircraft stands? Seems unfortunate to have to decide whether to have a dream airport design, or sacrifice 1/3 of that for 4+ parallel runways just to ease traffic flow, since we only have so much ground space to work with, coupled with certain building limitations.

I never had this problem before that specific feature change, removing the ability to set specific pushback points; so I find it extremely difficult to believe that this can all 100% be “blamed” on my airport designs. However, I recognize that it is a possibility! Any help, suggestions, general taxiway layouts/diagrams would be very appreciated! I am now just stuck in a design loop where I design, then I move on, because I know I will be sorely disappointed with the ground delays.


What does your airport design look like?

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