Dysiebro Airport

This is airport (Kinda a follow up for Mein airport but I want suggestions so I am remaking the post so I hopefully can get suggestions.

So I might have took myself some water over my head when building this I’ve built it in 2 sessions. First session I got done and went to sleep (First picture) and now second session (Now) I feel like it is nearing completion. (Btw if you wonder yes, The airport is not “legit” and I did cheat all of the money.

Uses all 4 tiles
9 shops
12 bathrooms
18 medium stands/gates
16 small stands
3 hangars
Baggage handling system (7 individual systems)
Subway, Car drop offs, bus stops, Parking garage (Only for visuals)

If you wanna use this airport please note it is shit. It is not good in any way. Only ga fills up the airport and makes a que to the runways. Also there is no reason why I have so many taxi ways more than for estetics. Until I can myself make aircraft paths there is no way this airport will be even acceptable to use. It is only there to look nice.


Picture one:

Picture two:
Picture three:


I am atm nearly done. all I need to do is to fix the flightschool house and then I am done. I want to detail more but it is such a big airport and it takes me nearly 5 seconds just to place something so I am not abandoning the project just setting it on a hold since I am really getting mad at building this airport. But the end result is quite nice. Tho not a good airport it works. I’ve signed 3 contract and the aiport has around 500 passangers 24/7. Usually 2-3 stands are occupied so 500 / 2 = 250, 250 x 18 = 4500. + 100 for smaller aircraft. So 4600 pax is estimated to be in the airport at the same time if all gates where filled and I think it would handel it perfectly. The runways are ok, But if you want to use this airport I would consider adding another runway. If you want I can add a file.

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