[Duplicated] Ability to change direction of traffic flow

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Ability to change direction of traffic flow


Countries around the world travel on different sides of the road and with the ability to select the direction of the travel for vehicles can make it more realistic for airports around the world. For example the UK travel on the left and opposite traffic pass on the right but in France the traffic travel on the right and opposite traffic pass on the left. The game currently is like France and it would be great to see the ability to change direction of the traffic like the UK.

Why it should be implemented:

The reason why it should be implemented is because people may want to have the direction of travel different to the default direction. When you create a new airport you can choose what direction you would like ALL the roads.

Images, references or additional content:

Black Arrow shows direction of traffic flow

An example of a switch to change direction in the part where you choose your airport information and amount of cash.

I really like this idea, although I live in the U.S. :grinning:


Well I live in Australia so it’s like the UK

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It would make sense based on where your airport is based.



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Reviving topic

Lol I get your point but its funny how you posted it like France is the most well known right side driving country even though most countries drive on the right

There is already a similar request topic on forum so I suggest to continue discussion on that.

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