Domestic and international

how will the sorting of domestic and international flights work ?
also the how ill customs have to bet set up or is this not yet implemented ?

Not implemented. There are no border controls or customs as of yet.


Are there any plans currently for that?

customs is very high in suggestions but there pry going to add it after release as for international there were some in the third gameplay video

Well all the flights in video 3 were international. Now I’m not sure if EU to EU requires normal international processing, but Sudan to Sweeden should require customs and immigration. They have said these will be added at a later date.

keep in mind that Britain isn’t EU anymore they dropped out also it is if you go from Paris to Berlin that would be international procedure

The UK is still in the EU, although the process to leave has unfortunately begun.

well look how their gdp has gone up

They have many ideas but we have to leave them something to add after alpha release :slight_smile:

With regards to EU flights:

Countries within the Schengen Area (which includes some but not all EU countries and a handful of non-EU countries) have free travel between them. For the purposes of air travel they are treated as domestic flights - identification of some sort is required for the flight but a passport is not and there are no true border checks. Exit checks also vary from country to country - some countries do have formal exit checks (Schengen does), others rely on information from airline manifests (like the UK and US).

Intricacies like this make implementation of realistic borders an absolute nightmare. Take, for example, Ireland. They are in the EU, but outwith Schengen so you need a passport to enter and you have to go through immigration on arrival from an EU country. But they have a semi-open border with the UK - identification is required but not a passport, but you are checked. FWIW, both flights in the 3rd video should have been subject to full border controls for arriving and departing passengers if the

It will be an absolute nightmare for the devs to introduce realistic border controls, and I have no idea how they should go about it. Duplicating reality is going to be a real pain to code. I’d advocate a softer approach, whereby there is open travel between some countries (Schengen, UK/Ireland, others may exist) and others have a firm border, consisting of entry checks ± exit checks if the devs want to implement this. Throw away the intricacies of having separate arrival channels for some countries (like the Channel Islands arrival halls in the UK) and either assume it is fully domestic or fully international.

A simple system is to have the customs based on what country your airport is located in. US airport? American customs. Fairly simple, and the customs area would consist of kiosk, queues, and passport check.

I would tend to disagree with the point. While it may be easy for the player to design an airport based on the country that they stay in (following that countries rules), it would be difficult to program different rules for every country. Also, despite the effort, it may not make a major change in gameplay.

What would be better is to have standardised rules for customs and immigration that is same irrespective of where you choose to build the airport. These rules may also apply to the number of staff/airport size, etc, as decided by the “International Air travel Control Board” in the world of ACEO
Additionally, can create ‘sectors’ or ‘regions’. Any flight that originates from the same sector as ypur airport is treated as domestic, while any flight from out side is considered international.


My point is that the customs process varies from country to country and it is impractical to simulate hundreds of different systems which may all vary slightly. So realism will need to be sacrificed here. We can’t realistically expect a system where the UK customs system recognises that RoI flights are handled in a unique manner, for example (they clear customs but not immigration, although the police sometimes check your documents - not a common situation). So there will be a trade off.

I’m perfectly happy for the devs to pick one system and implement it worldwide. This will mean that some countries will have a system that is wildly different from reality (for example, exit checks vary from country to country), but I think that’s unavoidable.

I agree. Simpliest would just be any flight from outside your airport’s country requires customs and immigration. We should all be able to live with a slight break in realism if it saves them substantial work for minimal gain. Maybe far down the road they can do it for each country, but maybe better for them to implement a working system earlier in the process than nothing which is far less realistic.

It would be nice though to see the exceptions like Schengen so Sweden to Italy flights are treated as domestic (as they are in real life). Presumably not too hard to group the countries together for these purposes? Put the airports in the relevant countries into a subset of “Schengen” and when both airports are in the same group the flight is treated as domestic.

Yea that would probably be easy to implement and would definitely be a nice addition.

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