Different types of Check-In ETC

I’m thinking that it would be great to have different types of check-in counter. For example, at the start of your career with a GA airport you have a smaller less efficient check in counter, maybe it doesn’t have a computer or maybe it requires manual baggage handling onto the conveyor belt. Same goes for security and gates. Just an idea I hope you understand because I don’t know how to explain it xD!


I get it…
We can set up a check in counter and upgrade it.
Possible upgrades:

  • Faster check in (adds staff requirement)
  • Calculator
  • Computers (1980s model)
  • Printer
  • Computer (Server connected 2000s model)
    Etc ( i couldn’t get more)

I would say each item will have 1-4 levels. Like for a computer,

Level 1: Slow, 1980s refurbished.
Level 2: Average, 1990s refurbished
Level 3: Fast, a few years old
Level 4: Amazing speed, brand new


And if at a check in desk, the computer level 1 would annoy fliers because it is slow, and information is often messed up as it is easy to hack.
a level 4 would make guests happy because it is fast, and information is always accurate.

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But at level 4, if you are facing a major outage, then all your checkin systems are blocked because of the network. Of course, the probabilty should be very low

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Great idea! Welcome to the forum! :smile:


For the GA airports, you could even start with checkin by hand?!


Well unless we are able to start back in time most of the setups will not be realistics with the low price of hardware and software this days all new build airpots would be online

I do think it would be a great bonus for the game to have ages, for example from the pioneering days to the first jetliners until now, with corresponding hardware of course.

The devs have stated they wont do a historic mode, so a cool idea, but not now :slight_smile:



But when we start, you cannot expect us to have latest hardware for check in, security, management, etc. Just for a small Airport.

So we don’t need Time progression for this feature. Just and option to upgrade our hardware as we grow big.

Time progression has been declined by Devs due to more than double work it requires.

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On the videos I believe when they opened up the truck purchasing window at the bottom there was an option to research/buy a ID document scanner so looks like there will be option to upgrade systems.

without playing with the historical mode, there is several types of check-in area counters that could be integrated:

  • regular check-in (in china I’ve seen some airport that don’t have the baggage tray next to them, they drag them to the back. Its slow and looks hard for no reason but interesting as a cheap early game alternative)
  • ETC (and note that not every PAX are willing to use ETC so you will still need variety)
  • but ETC needs a bagage drop desk :slight_smile:
  • Also an oversized luggage drop desk!
  • VIP check-in (that could also just be an option of the regular check-in desk, but maybe a nicer looking desk could be available)
  • Pre-sorting desk/stand (in Montreal for example, major companies have a pre-sorting stand were they make sure people go into the right queue in order to assure fastest service, that could be an idea )

On the same topic, what if you could sign a contract with some airline companies to get an exclusive usage of some check-in desk. it would only work on that airline flights and be closed otherwise. It would build a relationship with that company at the price of space if you don’t have enough flight with them.

that’s all i can think of right now :slight_smile:


A great idea to implement this feature is not thinking in time but in triggers, like if you have x gates or counters you can able upgrade.

Great idea! I totally agree with you! Exclusive check in counter is realistic!

I also still think that there needs to be a difference in speed of checking in when you have it staffed with one versus two airport staff, that way it gives incentives to assign two staff and pay for additional staff to be around. Plus, it will just be nice to have slightly faster check-in than current.

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