Different forms of retailing

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More detailed retailing
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Description: Having retail (catering and other forms such as newsagents) requires a few simple things. Notably it requires a demand, more passengers will go for a cheap restaurant like a fast food chain (and that would mean queues and a visible kitchen with stock room, which would also require the construction of a stock room) as say to an expensive restaurant. This means that supply and demand should be a leading requirement that we need in the game, as people don’t go to the first place they see, rather they browse and decide what they want based on their individual requirements.

Another thing it requires, would be deliveries and stock control, having a lorry come through a secure checkpoint and taking the stock through security (it was mentioned by a guy who had a really cool blog about his experience with Liverpool Intl Airport that Nutella is) classed as a liquid, (and I would recommend following it up) for example. This shows that airport retailers need to have stock, and can run out of stock and need replenishing both for their stock rooms, and also an employee loading up shelves.

Finally, it would be nice to see staff members (as briefly touched upon above) moving about and having a chain of command, with managers in clear positions of authority as you see junior colleagues interact with them and theyre told what to do. This would give a much better generation of realism which is more in place with getting a more satisfying game to play. All of this would be controlled obviously by the franchise owner and not yourself, but building a working kitchen and a stock room with walk in freezers would be possible.

So to sum up, not all retailers are the same, a book shop will attract different people to a newsagents, and this should be reflected. Also kitchens, staff and stock should be within the game to make it more fun. Hope this is clear enough to understand.

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