Devs need more help

The devs asked us to locate and find bugs so that they can send it their way and to how many people they have working on fixing them. They need more help then just this. I feel like as a community anyone willing to help them with expanding and helping them with anything should be a great idea. This way they can have more done everyday and focus on making decisions for the future and have more people working on their team.

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The two devs are working their hardest to work through all the bugs! It can make things hard letting others pitch in and help, due to the devs know where everything is in terms of code etc, and the devs would have to spend extra time looking for the right people etc

Maybe in the future we may see the dev team expand, but for now it will just be Olof and Fredrick!


Well, the sooner they start bringing on other professionals, the sooner they can start learning the ins-and-outs of the game code.

Sure, fix the most glaring issues first, but the sooner they start hiring new people, the better.

Money is an issue with doing that. In terms of them it’s best for them to do it alone. They’re handling it perfectly now and right now will probs be the very peak of the most problems they have (on release).

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