DevLog 82: Bug Fixing and Performance Testing

No release date but four “new” screens and the alpha v0.19.0 patch notes.

Check it out!


I remember you telling me that software development isn’t as simple as one expects. I’m becoming apprehensive that you planned release in August and since moving that have found over 90+ bugs to solve, implying that you neglected the testing and validation phase assuming that all would be fine…

Although the overall effect is to delay the release as opposed to reduce the quality of the game, which makes it fine, it still un-nerves me how you can seemingly neglect such an important part of testing…

On a more positive note, the size of the airport you’re testing with gives me great hope that you’ll be able to focus on performance and bring the game to us in a playable state. The usual number of typos and grammatical errors indicate to me that progress is coming along at a decent rate.

Also, you can rotate the view? Is it in 45 or 90 degree increments, or is in continous?

wow this is off schedule for you guys you normally do this 2 hours from now

I’m still sooo hyped! I want to playy! test! anything! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wish you guys good luck with the development!

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Yay, Devlog :slight_smile:

Quick question - the last picture with the five security checkpoints. The queueing seems a little bit odd. Four of them are functional, but two of them seem to have horrendous queues whilst one has absolutely no queue whatsoever. This is a somewhat accurate representation of how many people seem to switch off their mental faculties in an airport, but shouldn’t passengers spread themselves roughly evenly between the four operational checkpoints, or is there something else determining this (that a passenger will invariably choose one checkpoint as part of their pathfinding algorithm regardless of the queue involved)?


im currently going into deep can’t wait I need the precious and the more i what i feel something in my gut to try and reach through my computer screen and grab it


Valid criticism, IT and software is difficult, especially when it comes to building games at this scale. I wouldn’t call it “neglecting it” (we did do a lot of testing) but rather more not being able to predict the number of issues that would arise on other CEO’s machines. We truly believed that it would be stable, but it wasn’t, and that’s why the release window was lengthened.

We live a different life right now! :wink:

If you look closely, which is kinda difficult in this case since it’s a picture and not a .gif, you’d see that they are walking and that they are all targeting different security check-points (except for the one that is turned off)! :slight_smile:

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Very minor issue but can the service road in the screenshot that shows one crossing the taxiway be colored like the taxiway instead of normal service roads?
It does look like pax are all trying to target the same security station, but if one is off maybe that accounts for that screenshot.

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Yeah, seems like it, form e it looks like this game need at least 1-2 full months serious test before any kind of release is a much as considered. Before last monday i expected the game to have been in test with others then themself for months but nope. So for me they need at least two months serious testing for a start. also with a lot more then the few family and friend testers.

They will lose a lot of the hype if that happens. It seems every devlog they steps back. Two weeks ago it seemed like release was coming any moment. Now it seems like not before October, maybe even 2018 at this rate.

Yeah there sure seems to be very long to the goal line, as we now two weeks in a row has got more insight in how little the product has been tested.

I’d be more pleased if they said that they will not be doing an Early Access release. And instead just doing full feature release in 2018. EA is supposed to be to test out the bugs and features but doesn’t seem like the devs want that input. It’s their choice I get it and understand.

Sure they want that’ but they don’t want to release a unplayable game, and with 90+ bugs after just two weeks testing by a small group the game is not in anywhere release mode. Let them test serious for a two month periode and remove first 300 bugs and concerns and then try EA.
A non EA release will be 1-2 years future ahead a lot of features would then be missing that needed to be done first. a long with a 5-6 month very serious test.

Christmas day gift to the world? That sounds feasible!


I just hope if it isn’t going to be ready until Nov/Dec then I hope they tell us this sooner rather than later instead of this week to week devlog stuff. Just be straightforward. If they do plan on releasing within a couple weeks or so, then be honest with that too. Stop this week to week “no release date yet”.


PLEASE not October for the sake of my sanity as well as everybody else’s
i dont think i can go another month
i will live until mid September without a release after that I might go coocoo

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They won’t be always walking in a straight line right?

Very disappointed, to be honest. While some things that happened were out of their power, others were them neglecting certain parts of the development process. I will not lose interest in this game, and I’m still very excited, but right now I’m fairly annoyed… :grimacing:

Is it possible to build a single queue and share that across multiple check points? Rather than each checkpoint having its own queue.