DevLog 74: Steam Direct, Time and New Taxiway Construction System

One day delay! Contains some goodies though. Enjoy! :slight_smile:


The connection between the concrete taxiway-roads and the GA roads is very disjointed…?
Also, will there be options to add concrete GA stands as well as grass GA stands?

But overall, very nice!


Awesome!!! And loving the new taxiway system! Can’t wait now for the release.
(p.s. It’s the summer holidays in a few weeks, so I know what I want to be playing :wink:)

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We have seen small concrete stands in the vidoes and they have the option to serve GA (there is a tab) so yeah they can be concrete.


The new taxiway example looks and awful lot like what we have here in Brussels between both piers! Glad to see the amount of customization and thinking that goes into all of this stuff, and I’m sure I can speak for all of us here that we’re very excited for this to come out!


I think (without playing the game, obviously) that 3 days per season isn’t enough. I think you should increase this number, but, as you have played the game, if that is the number you consider the perfect one, I suppose it’s alright.

Beautiful work. I like the taxiway system so much bettererer now.

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Impossible to know but it can easily be adjusted. It resembles the 12 months of a year where there’s three months per season. 12 days for a year to go by is quite a lot of game time but we assume that people want stuff to happen, progression to be felt. Could be that we’re way off in our thoughts though and that players discover otherwise, if so, we’ll adjust it.

Edit: Lol @me123

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Three years per season? Go to bed Olof, you’ve been working too hard again!

Here’s hoping for a smooth Steam process. I’m looking forward to designing my taxiways, I think the new system will probably make the issues that we’ve been seeing with AI a bit less likely. I think the timescales are perhaps a bit short - three days per season feels too quick instinctively, but it’s probably a fair starting point. I think this is one of those things where getting feedback from lots of players will help to guide you.


Have the issues with taking a minute per passenger to load onto the planes been dealt with? I can only imagine the length of loading for when the large planes are in the game. Would be akin to the Anna and Elsa 5 hour queues at Disney World i saw in 2014.

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Yes, they are heavily reduced and it now looks a lot better and goes a lot faster.

Once again another dev blog. And another day of me saying “Shut up already and take all of my money!”

Anyways I very much look forward to playing the game! Also will there be a place in the settings to make seasons longer?

Like a few others here I feel that 12 days per year is a bit too short. Though it’d be nice if it were adjustable so you could have short (12) medium (24) and long(48) years or something…


I’m in with that you can choose short, medium, long for days a year

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Well, you must see it in perspective… It all depends on how long each day takes in real time, doesn’t it?

Not really, you need at least a number of similar running days for consistency such that you can anticipate things in the future. For me, three days is not enough time to gather any data about consistent runnings over a 24 hour timeframe no matter how long that 24 hours actually takes. You still only get three samples to see if everything is running okay and in my opinion that is too little.


Awesome idea. To me 12 days also seems short but we have not played it yet. I was also thinking double that seems good, but allowing players the option of fast, normal, and long (12, 24, 48) is the best of both worlds.


Glad to hear you guys found a good solution to the long loading times , can’t wait to give it a go.

Very interesting devblog as usual.

12 days = 1 year seems too short… Anyway, I want to see more before express the definitive opinion…


I think the season should be the terms of 7 days.

This would make things make more sense when scheduling flights, as they are weekly. Also some flights are seasonal based and would tie nicely back to a weekly thing. E.g. Wednesday during winter there is a flight to Mexico.

A short game could have 1 week per season (28 days), medium (56 days), long (112 days)