DevLog 50: Celebrating 50 DevLogs!

Nothing more to say here… it’s all in the blog!

Thanks to you all! :airplane: :heart_eyes:


Can’t wait for the gameplay video and eventually the first alpha release! :smile:

Me either!!

Congrats to 50 devlogs! One thing I noticed about the flight planner is that you had to highlight the flight to see if you had given the flight a slot. I think it would be nice if you could see that without having to highlight the flight. Something like different background colours.

That’s already in place, if the slot is not allocated it will have its original color and and a dialog box asking to confirm the allocation. If it’s allocated it will either be green, orange or red depending on the flight status.

Thanks for the update of all we have gone through together. You Devs definitely made some amazing progress. Waiting for more details to the game.

You’re welcome. :heart_eyes:

Always great to see how fast and good work is going on in just single weeks! (most of the time :smile:) Also, it’s awesome you are additionally! very active in here. Thanks, guys, for bringing back something great for many of us old folks…
(24 years, almost… counting myself slowly into the “old garde of gaming” haha)

Congratulations! :cake:

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Nice! :slight_smile:

nevermind :confused:

What happened? :frowning:

How comes next to your profiles it says “Original…” and for me it doesn’t? :cold_sweat:

That’s in your profile settings.

@alpha To get the title/flair go to:
Preferences>Title (3rd from the top)


Well, thanks… :flushed: I was on there but I just skipped that it seems…:worried:

@Olof @Fredrik Let’s see…what you have in store for the community on Christmas and New Year. We will wait for your gift as a decent child.:grin:

You both are doing awesome till now… Too excited for the first release.

“This will further put demands on the layout of the terminal to ensure that things like toilets, shops and restaurants are located in optimal positions and in the end render a more natural passenger behavior.”