DevLog 46: It’s Alive! The Revival of the Baggage Belt System…

Heyo! It’s alive again, working better than ever. A lot of fun development ahead. Check it out!


I really like how this is all turning out!! I can’t wait to see what y’all have for us next week.

The new baggage system looks awesome! It is very similar to the conveyor systems in games like Factorio or Big Pharma. It is much better than having them stack one on top of another as they did previously.

Now the CEO should try to make their baggage system as efficient as possible, i.e. ensuring adequate or maximum throughput with their baggage belts.

Look forward to seeing the remaining baggage parts (baggage claim, etc.) together with this! :grinning:

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Looking smoother and better! Can’t imagine the excitement on the finish product!

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Yeah, without congestion there’s really no incentive for building an effective baggage belt system thus eliminating its gameplay purpose.

When we were performing tests yesterday it was actually quite frustrating to have it that congested, took forever to check off the testing but I was too lazy to build something more effective, lol.


I can’t wait for a demo…

Really nice and a great job. THX

And I can’t wait to see how it’ll works in combination with an aircraft :wink:

So, will there be a bag shaped like a guitar? :blush:

Definitely, and more! :wink: