DevLog 42: A Large Runway, The Dashboard Panel, Construction Serialization & More…

Hey ya’ll!

DevLog 42 hot off the presses for ya right here:

Also, a quick apology for the low response rate from us in the forums. So much to say, so little time, we’ll try and be a little bit more active this week (however, we do read everything).

Also, we’ve got a (very) small treat coming up for you later this week (hopefully) in regards to the forum… something fun at least!


Can’t wait to see what’s in store!! These dev logs give me something to look forward to on Mondays!!

Just out of curiousity, can the 737 be used on that smaller runway?

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The .gif showing the scale is really impressive! I eagerly await our treat!


Yes, but it’s one of the largest classes that’ll be able to land on the smaller runway! :slight_smile:


Roger that

cool, hope to see that soon

I’m really impressed. The tiny little man, on that huge Runway :smiley:

Great to see. THX

Do you plan on allowing runways to intersect one another? E.g. R36/R18, and R27/R09?

Furthermore, do you plan to incorporate active runways, as in the airplane’s take off into the wind depending on its direction at the time? (Weather related) Additionally, airports that have predominate winds coming from one direction, one only require one runway for maximum takeoff efficiency, whereas other places with predominate winds coming from multiple directions would require multiple runways heading into different compass directions. Would this be a part of the game? Due to the scope of the 2D nature of the game, it seems as if only N/S/E/W runways could exist, is this correct? A wind rose could be development procedurally for each airport location to provide a challenge here is an example: Wind Rose. With this example, you would want an east/west oriented runway, with most flights taking off into the west.

Will the runways be labeled corresponding to their compass orientation? E.g. Runway 36 and 18, would run from South to North, with the southern point labeled as 36, and the northern part 18.

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See this topic regarding runway numbers :slight_smile:
Runway Numbers and Letters

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I’ll ping @Fredrik on this one!

We plan to have the weather and wind changes, which would affect the direction of takeoff and landing. It is not decided yet of the players part here. If runway direction changes would happen automatically or if the player can manually change the direction. Intersecting runways are not something we support in the current setup. Mainly due to the more complex ATC required. So we need to develop a more intelligent ATC before we try to implement that, otherwise we will just have a bunch of accidents on the runway.


Loving it! :smiley:
Just can’t wait to see it!

looking at the construction worker on the runway Gif i always think about this video :sweat_smile: : - YouTube

but the runways lengthening will that be needed or only optional? do you use the real plane specs to see what length of runway they need and then says “you can’t accept this contract since your runway is ??? meters long and the contract planes need a minimum of ??? meters long”?