Dev Blog 148: Internal testing of Alpha 35

Kinda disappointed concerning Walkalators. I assumed that those would be placed like Baggage Conveyors, but only straight with no turns. To create, left-click-hold (this becomes entry point), draw to length, release (this becomes exit point).

Alas, I guess the current plan is better than nothing.


I suppose this could be more complex to script than a custom build one, but, if it can helps you to improve your staff and passengers effiency, it’s simply great for me! :slight_smile:

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Seems a good solution thank you. Most airports have multiple walkalators of fixed length, were you step off one, then a short space and the next one starts. So it is realistic.

Happy you have made them one way so we can place them in the peak direction of travel, or both ways if we wish. I’d like to see the same with escalators, so I can have an escalator in the direction of peak traffic and an narrow stairway in the opposite direction for staff or someone who went the wrong way. or to be able to place two up and one down escalator. etc.


Thanks for the devblog guys! Good to hear you are all healthy and safe! Good to hear that you can still work (from home I presume :thinking:), but health is the most important thing!

… the office is finally completed which means that the next dev blog (in two weeks’ time) will finally feature the long-awaited studio tour. Hype!

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@DEVs, would you be able to share the final list of features included in Alpha 35? We’re very keen on the usability and gameplay improvements. :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance,

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Not sure if that’s the case. My guess is, they are packed in both ways.
Otherwise, I can make a one-way-door and cause all the problems the devs want to avoid by not allowing one-way-doors.

would you be able to share the final list of features included in Alpha 35? We’re very keen on the usability and gameplay improvements.

You can get the full list of changelog and bug reports when internal branch is released to experimental and later on default.

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I second the one-way escalators!! Now that you have walkalators figured out I hope this wouldn’t be too difficult to add. please please please. and thank you!

Wash your hands, computers phones etc! Cover your mouth! Stay Safe Everyone! We got this!

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I hope not. It would look silly have two way walkalators on an exit route for example. Or the walkalators would need to be placed differently to allow better passenger flow.

That’s too bad. :relieved: :relieved:

What’s too bad @win_win?

Click on the post, and read my posts above.

Ok, sorry

Nah, it was a little joke anyways. But if it gets added… that’s another story.

Is it the one about that one person that tries to be Michael Jackson in an airport and ends up on Youtube the next moning?

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lol, I get it.

Just checked the Development tab. Things are moving along nicely. #Alpha35Hype

A screenshot of the trello board


The hype is real!!!


I don’t know if this has already been answered as I can remember a lot of feedback regarding the jetways.

But the image proposed to us which showed a 4 block entry to the terminal. Will this be on all jetways for both medium and large or just the large aircraft?

EDIT. I think I have just noticed that it will be on all jetways. Apologies for this entry.