Destination of flights in flight planner

When you plan flights as it is now, it always says where the flight is coming from, but you can’t see where it’s going to until you check the check-in counter at earliest. I believe
Aren’t we suppose to see where a flight goes to when we book it?
So we can plan what gate is should be on. Because some flight should go on the NON-EU gates, later when we get that in the game. For now i role play this and it’s fun.

For the flight planning you actually need both. You want to know where the planes go, but you also want to know where it comes from and with how many people on board so you’re able to prepare immigration, baggage handling etc.
Just for the realism of course, in the game it doesn’t matter that much as you don’t set up more security / immigration (in later versions) staff during peak hours.

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Anyone know if it is possible to edit the list of airports available for the commercial flights to operate to?

The 757 is a very capable aircraft but I haven’t seen anyone operate it from a 2500’ dirt strip in Alaska to New York :wink:

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