Designating Lanes

Hey- I really like the idea of the right click to designate the lane usage of a road,- Can someone tell me how to implement that?

I know I right click, but do I have to right click on all the 12 road tiles that I want to be the bus lane area?

And then, since it is a designated lane, the only graphic will be the circled X correct?

I may be thinking all wrong as well, It could be highlight the first tile and then highlight the last tile of the area that you want to designate.

Anyway- Thanks for any help

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It’s the same system as taxiway nodes and one-way arrows I think

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So, if I have 10 road tiles in a row, I have to right click on each of them to designate ‘Service Car Only’ or whatever I want.

Then each of those tiles will be marked with a circled X? It seems that is really complicated.

Any help is appreciated on shortcuts to select multiple road tiles or whatever.

Thanks everyone

It blocks vehicles from further pathfinding beyond that point of block, similar to taxiways as stated here and elsewhere! :slight_smile:

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THANKS for the reply. I just want to make sure I understand how it works. I have not used the taxiway tools yet.

so if I put a bus only X on tile 1, (on a road that is 10 tiles long) then I assume that those 10 road tiles are bus only. (or until I put another X that allows all vehicles.

Again, thanks for helping me understand. I appreciate it.


Yes, in that direction
I think

Yes, exactly! :slight_smile:

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