Departure and arival on second screen

Hi there,

I’m playing ACEO for a few days now and I really love it. Well, if you play more then 40 hours in less then a week, it says something about the game (and maybe about me but don’t judge ;-))

What I would love to see on top of a lot of things already mentioned is the possibility to show departure and arrivals on a second screen. Would be great to show that on my television!
Maybe with different options like choosing the style (old or digital)?

thanks for a great game, can’t wait to see how it’s going to develop!


That’s a great idea ! I think is more joudicious to show on other screen the flight monitor because there is more utility than a simple departure arrival screen

Thanks leoduvar83. Maybe the possibility to choose what you see on the second screen?

Yeah ! I think it’s possible.

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