Deleting Baggage Drops

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I am having a hard time deleting an automated baggage drop without shutting down the whole airport. With normal check in stands, I find that if I use the move tool it dumps all the flights using that desk and I can then close it and delete it. With the baggage drops, I cannot find any way to close and delete them without shutting all the stands first. Is there another trick?


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Just delete the terminal block they are on

Note: This amazing peice of advice comes for Jasperwillem

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Well, that didn’t work. You mean use the foundation bulldozer? I just got the error that says

Yes, buldoze the terminal block. Foundation

We do need more flexibility on this though. With bag drops being combined resources, we should be able to remove some or switch them off whilst in use and simply avoid more passengers going to them once the last one waiting is finished :slight_smile:

I did finally get it. As long as I dont drag the bulldozer over the drop itself, it worked.

I should tax you for this remark :wink:

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Changed it! Happy? :laughing:

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Ok, consider the tax voided.

I dream of a time where we don’t need to break the system to complete the task :wink: sorry couldn’t resist. I consider myself taxed as much as Amazon in UK (But will i pay it?!)

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Nope. Use the system as it intended, use a goodwill transfer between the Netherlands and the Caymans and never pay any taxes on the both ends. The method explained in a picture;

We do need a solution to remove a baggage drop desk though :slight_smile: back to the original query. A 24hr airport would effectively have it’s desks deadlocked to the floor tiles :wink: Unless it is already possible to switch them off i don’t know?

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