Default size - shops and restuarnat


I would like to suggest an option for a standard one/two/three/four-star shops and restuarants, alternative to custom sizing.



Very good one! I am always struggling with it.
If it is too small, you cannot contract the restaurant you wanted and if it is too big, you do not get paid for the extra square meters.

Extra suggestion for additional items: Restaurant funiture, like tables and chairs.


This, and please list contractors in the Contract menu, now you have to open a shop stand before you can read about the required sizes and conditions.


I dunno if they plan to add this, but they should also get provisions or supply delivered to them by delivery people with boxes or else

Edit: I’ll also add that there should be a delivery zone specifically for supply trucks for the shops, coffe but also cathering food etc. And other equipment that is separate from the construction one. One where trucks would back up into etc.


Theres a piece of equipment for the food zone (the oven, I think) that I’m not able to place or even select. Does that happen to anyone else? I think this affects the requirements some franchises have for signing a contract

It isnt in use yet. :slight_smile:

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