Default GA (General Aircraft) Deactivation

I was wondering if there is a way to deactivate the games Default GA. I have loaded in my own GA and the games Default GA are still showing up. Is there a way, like the Airlines to deactivate them? Thanks. Cheers!

Or is there a way the devs can make it so that the Native Mod GA company/airline aircrafts show up more often. I have been testing my GA aircraft and they only show up a couple a day. I have at least 15 GA aircraft made and 95% of the time is the default GA that show up that are already in the game. Please and thank you!!! :smiley:

Did you disable the ‘native’ (not able to look up the exact name at the moment) airlines/businesses in the mod menu of the main menu?

I think what he wants is disabling default GA however still be able to use default airlines. It is not possible at the moment

Indeed, it’s all on or off. Would be a great feature if we could choose between the available default items, maybe not per item but per item group.

I have disabled, or unchecked “use default” (there are no default airline contracts showing up ie. Stripe Air, etc…). I have also unchecked all of the steam workshop items, and all my natives except my basic business and one medium aircraft airline and my general aircraft airline I want to test. I sat there for a couple hours and only a few of my GA showed up over those hours with the time speed at 3. When I first open my test livery airport, like 3-4 would show up right away and then they basically stop showing up other than maybe 1 or 2 every game day… :frowning: I want to see my hard work I put into my liveries.

There are the 2 (1 medium, and my GA native mods activated)

no, I have disabled default airlines. I just want my aircraft (my airlines which is working and my GA which only show up very rarely, 1-2 every game day, all the rest of the GA that show up are the games GA)

here is my .json file I basically copied from the ACEOMM GA company they made. but I changed the fleet to ONLY Cessna182s


and my airline company folder set up

Hmm now this is interesting. Make sure to report it to developers via in game bu report system

see, here is the first couple hours of game time. 3 of my liveries showed up on 4 aircraft. but only the first livery and a couple of the NM liveries none of the other states show up

and then after a couple hours of them showing up it dwindles down to only 1-2 showing up per game day, usually only the New Mexico liveries…

Indeed interesting read, never done an investigation on the randomness of planes/liveries spawn as I’m not modding, but would be interesting to know what the algorithm is that the game uses to spawn default and modded planes. As said earlier would be nice to have some more control over that and also maybe with sliders/percentage settings to determine what you want to see more or fewer.


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