Deboarded Passengers take forever to leave once out in the Car parks

So I have a fairly large airport with hundreds of passengers getting off large planes and going outside to be picked up. The problem is despite loads of coaches and cars turning up, they seem to go to random spots and not necessarily at waiting passenger queues.

This can mean that passengers can be left hanging around at the coach and car spaces for hours waiting for a random coach to arrive where they are standing. I’ve even noticed a queue of passengers being ignored by a coach and it driving to the next bay along, open its doors, waits for a second or two, closes them and just drives off?

Surely any arriving coach or car should be tied or assigned to actual passengers waiting in a queue so they can all be picked up efficiently? I don’t know of any real airport scenario where random coaches pull up to coach bays on the off chance they might have passengers and finding none there. A Taxi rank, maybe, but not coaches.

The bus pickup situation is perfectly reasonable. Most bus terminals (in the UK, anyway) have stops that are dedicated to certain routes and/or destinations. A bus will not call at a stop that is not on their route or goes to their destination, so buses will go past queues to call at their stop, even if there is no-one waiting there.

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