Deadlocked service truck at medium stand

For my medium expansion, I built a new baggage bay and system (all works fine). This also involved building a new vehicle depot. Service roads connect all these to the stand. First 737 arrives and the service truck does not leave the depot and unload bags. I’ve done much reloading and resetting of vehicle nodes but it does nothing, apart from one time it came out the depot and sat there then went back in, and another time it did actually travel to the plane but didnt unload anything, went to the bay, didnt pick up anything then went back to the depot. I kept debugging and reloading repeatedly for 20 minutes and only one time did the truck finally leave, unload and load baggage (four hours behind schedule)

Baggage handling is enabled. I have no clue what to do. Here’s some screens showing the path from the depot/bay to the stand etc.

Do youhave any ramp agents? i can’t see them.

I do, I believe they were hidden by the plane

i just thought of something: you don’t enable baggae for your medium flight only. Your small flights start requesting this service too.
I don’t see a service road leading up to them is there?
Are you small stands connected to the baggage bay?
Your truck might have the order to load them and can’t get there. That would be my guess

They are. I’ve got two baggage bays - is that the problem? I always thought you could have two bays that were connected to separate stands and check in desks. The 8 check in desks on the left of the entrance are connected to the bottom left bay, and the single desk on the right is connected to the right one. There is no road connection between the two (apart from through the two checkpoints) yet until I get the other stands built. My idea was to have the right baggage bay handle medium aircraft and just hook up that bay to all the medium stands.

There’s no problem with having spereate cargo bays for your stands, but the service vehicles must be able to reach all of them from any vehicle depot. A feature is in the works where you can assign vehicles to stands, wich could take some time before it come out as efforts are currently going to performance boosts.

My advice is to just build a service road between your two sections, and wait for that feature to seperate them again.

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Yep, that’s solved it. Thanks for your help! I guess we’ve just got to wait for a few updates. But hey, its still alpha :slight_smile: