Custom graphics settings?

The in-game graphics settings are pretty barebones, and the launcher just gives you presets ranging from ‘fast’ to something like ‘ultra’. Putting my graphics settings to ‘fast’ made my game run faster (shocking, i know), which is great, but then I realised that the render distance for baggage was pathetic, so unless I zoomed in really close I couldn’t see where all the baggage was. So I was wondering if there was a way to customise the graphics settings (baggage render distance, max fps, anti aliasing etc) instead of using the presets in the launcher, as they take everything to an extreme, (‘fast’ looks like i’m running the game on a potato and ‘ultra’ comes dangerously close to melting my PC).

Would also be nice if there were more options in the graphics settings tab, so changes could be made in game (although some would obviously require a restart).


i think this is a good idea, i primarily need the baggage view distance upped as bags are currently ghosts for my unless i zoom in all the way. I cant go with the higher presets using my laptop.

Don’t worry, graphics settings will be improved in the future. It is not a priority right now.

its the same with most early access games, get it up and running then start to fine tune the likes of graphics later,

@OKChris @WingNut Fair enough. At this stage the graphics issues are just irritating, not game-breaking so I guess its completely understandable if the devs are busy with other, more important parts of the game (multiple floors springs to mind).

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