Cross-Check Airlines

Airline Design Contest Submission

Airline Name: Cross-Check Airlines

Airline Description: Cross-Check Airlines is an inexpensive international passenger airline focusing on their stellar safety record over the frills and accouterments of other airlines. As a result all in-flight entertainment doubles as on-board safety instructions. Frequent films shown on flights include “Ferris Bueller’s Day of Stowing his Baggage in the Overhead Bin” and “Pirates of the Emergency Exit Row”

Airline CEO Name: Steven Matthews

Airline Design Image:


It is different than what I have seen until now. But it looks nice :wink:

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haha thank you for the encouragement. Hopefully it stands out in a good way!

An alternative livery I liked a little less.


I really like the logo (and the name) but neither of the things on the plane quite work for me.

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what do you mean?

any suggestions?

Not sure, sorry. It’s just a feeling i have where I look at it and it just doesn’t totally click. (It could also just be me) I’ll ping you if I come up with any ideas before the deadline.


Racing stripes make everything go faster, even planes. :smiley:
That’s one neat livery you’ve created there.

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Thank you!

Another, simpler alternative.

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I quite like this one here. It seems more fitting. a cool touch may be a small checker pattern just on the side of the text between the lines? Just a random thought. I like it!

Like this?

along with possible new logo

I didn’t mean all the way, but that looks kinda cool!! :smiley:

perhaps on a gradient?

(EDIT Replaced original design placed here just in case)

That’s what I meant! Looks good!! :smiley:

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In order to judge this design we need to know which one you intend to enter into the contest. :slight_smile:

Drat! :laughing: I suppose I’ll enter the most recent edit, or the one most immediately listed in the first post. (Checker gradient along the sides)

EDIT: Title post edited to exclude alternatives