Costs still going weird

As with the bug i mentioned previously:

I’m still having this same issue.
Not with foundations or walls anymore but it still happens with baggage bays and escalators

On which version is this happening?

Latest version on the default branch

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I believe I had the same issue when building a baggage bay. Not all that sure anymore however. I have 100.000 instead of the displayed 50.000 in mind. Might check it later. Latest on experimental branch.

I checked and found

  • baggage bay: listed as 50.000, costs 100.000
  • escalator: listed as 5.000, costs 10.000

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Is it the same for you on the experimental version?

I’ve noted the costs change with the time as well.

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I’m on experimental, so yes, the problem occurs there.
It’s less of a problem later in the game when I don’t have to care about money anymore however. :slight_smile:

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Strange. @Fredrik, how can this still be a thing?

I just checked again and now escalator as well as baggage bay appear to be correct, so some recent update must have fixed it. :+1:

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