Contractors behaving weirdly

ACEO-38086 - Contractors behaving weirdly…

I’m seeing my Contractors behave weirdly when they build on Levels -1 and 1.

Currently my contractors are building some sidewalk next to the car parks on Level -1. They will build one tile, then pick up their crate and walk back to Level 0, to a point diectly over the construction site. Then they will walk back down to Level -1, build a tile, then pick up the crate again, and so on until the crate is empty. This behaviour also happens for Walls being built on Level 1.

I previously reported this under the first version on Default branch, B3.2(?), still happening under B3.4-0.

Level -1 construction site

Level 0, directly above the construction site on Level -1. The car is parked in the car park on Level -1!

I have the same bug so is a common bug after i have reloaded the save and It re-worked try to reload your save.

Tried that, not sorted. We shouldn’t have to restart the game to sort out issues like this…

I did bug-report this I think.

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