Contractor Pathing Issues

Below shows a pathing issue for a contractor trying to get from a grass area back to the contractors waiting area. As you can see below it is not a zoning issue and the contractor should be able to walk there with no issue. Any thoughts?

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build a sidewalk… sometimes they get lost out in the desert…

Does it happen even after reloading the save?

This will be a topic for the next dev blog but essentially in Alpha 36 we’ve overhauled every aspect of notification, including path finding and all of that related to persons with problems. You’ll be given a lot more information and will have more tools available to understand why issues like this is happening (although it could very well be a bug). But because of that I cannot at this point go further into this specific problem, but it does look like it’s a bug and not a design issue.


For me something like this has been only happening for contractors working on levels different than 0, usually because of being pushed outside of the construction, like overground floating in air right behind the wall or window and underground after being pushed outside of the secure zone (though construction contractors ought to ignore the zones, or at least they do when going the other way, to construct something).

However, in this case from the picture it looks like the grass is too high and they can’t see their way… :laughing:


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