Contract generation

Are 4 and 5 star shops based on airline satisfaction?


No they are based on room size.
When you click a shop contract you can see what the requirements are.
Same goes for food businesses.

Then I have a problem, I dont get any contracts above 4,5 stars atm, that is going for a while already.

Regenerating contracts is not helping.

I don’t think they are available yet unless via mods

That is weird, I have had them always on my airports.

The jeweler was a 5 star shop for example.

Oh, I very rarely build shops as I’ve always found the PAX hardly used them.


Just photographed 2 completed shop contracts ;).

Very cool. Food contracts I find very useful though. How many PAX?

At that moment I had 5000 PAX walking around :wink: .

:open_mouth: :smiley: sweet

I need to expand as well

Started a new airfield.

And have Maple @ 100%

And the 4 and 5 star shops are back, without mods.

Or, my last game had a serious corruption somewhere, or 4/5 star shops are related to the airline satisfaction; that was 0% non stop at my last build, while I never have had that on any airport before, so I really dont get what went wrong with the engine last save game.

very interesting? On your new build what PAX nos?

Atm, I have just 5 small stands, so, PAX still in the low end.

WOW, I need to look more into shops then as I’ve always had negative experience with them.

I have a new build too I’ve just posted on my Wellington thread.

I usually get 5 star shops when airline satisfaction reach 80-85%


So it is related, that makes sense.

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