Contract for Small aircraft "OFF" option?

I have no small commercial stands on my airport. But, I have GA stands for the small flights.

However, I get small contract offers all of the time. If I have no stands for small commercial flights, why do I get contract offers? I would like to be able to shut them off or filter them out.

Additionally, I think contracts need to have more clarity to them. Instead of “expires by” notations, there should be a “must be fulfilled by” instead. I get some many contracts that Expire in 2 days, but, I have flights logged for 5 days out.

I think a revisit on the contract system is needed.


Hey there Steele,

The devs are working on that as we speak :slight_smile:
Not so much the expiry stuff, but recurring flights…

Outstanding. I saw a post on the update page, but I like to make sure the Devs see the issues and can program the game accordingly.

What time do updates normally get pushed?

In about 5 hours usually, but these guys are like Duracell bunnies…they just keep going and going and going…

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Well, I must admit, the level of transparency on bugs, issues and problems that are being addressed is awesome. This way when I play, I know in the back of my head… “yeah, devs got this.”