Constantly broken toilets and blocked stands

Hi have been playing the game a few weeks and love it but could you help with…

  1. toilets and sinks keep breaking like every 10 minutes. I have 5 service technicians but keeps happening is there a auto repair feature?
    I sometimes get messages about flight xx slot is unavailable due to or a earlier flight assigned to the same stand is delayed’. How do I stop this from happening?

Look forward to this livening up the coming winter nights


10 minutes game time or real time? They do brake, a lot I know. The service technicians are the auto repair. :slight_smile:

If you press G on the keyboard you should be able to see the progress of all of your current flights.

Hope that helps?

Service technicians fix things automatically you can disable notifications on top left menu.

About flights could you post a SS?

To answer your second question:

Make sure you have enough check-in desks and security gates, that way your passengers will be on time. (There should also be enough security agents to man the checkpoint)

Check if you have enough ramp agents, 4 per medium stand and 4 per baggage bay. Having some as reserve doesn’t harm either.

You could increase the timing between flights, if you use the auto-sheduler you can find it in the top right of the flight planner.

Make sure you have enough service trucks, fuel trucks and pushback trucks.

Hi thanks for the tips I have doubled my ramp agents and service techs and the two problems have mostly gone away. Also ordered extra baggage and push back trucks.
I have 10 medium stands 11 small stands for airliners and 4 for GA. Strangely the small stands were full of airliners and as I built more medium stands the demand for small stands dropped off?I am using this as a learning airport so I can build a similar to real life airport when remote stands are released.


If you click on the small stand you can select whether you want to use it for GA or commercial.

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