Connect checkin desk(s) to secure zone?

I’m sure it’s been diskussed but couldn’t find it. So sorry if theres a thred :slight_smile: and double sorry if you can connect checkindesks to secure zones. (tell me how :smiley: )

It would be a big help to manage the human flow through the airport if we can connect checkindesks to a specifik secure zone. If i understood it correct multiple secure zones is since long possible. But it doesn’t make sense to have passengers checkin at Building (terminal) 1 and then walk to terminal 2 to pass security.

IF we can connect checkindesks with secure zones it will mean that you can choose or control how many PAX that is using specifik security stations. and you will get a betteer flow thro out the terminal

You can achieve something like that already, if you use separate baggage bays for each terminal as check-in desks need to be connected to them for baggage handling.

What I’d like to see is to connect check-in desks to multiple baggage bays as you can use baggage trays to divert baggage belts.

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Thanks! Didn’t know, ill try it out! :smiley:

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