Concerns on the constant GA approval rating [solved]

Hello Guys.
I have a non-moving constant 50% GA approval rating at my airport.
I will add a screenshot of set-up in subsequent replies.

I seek advice on what can be done here to pull this rating up as it is bringing down my overall rating barring airport achieve 5-stars.

Note that I have

  • 11 stands for 1 small runway ( Read somewhere that more than 5 per runway brings rating down, not sure that has to be true ?)

  • Adequate if not surplus number of ramp agents and relevant vehicles so no delayed services

  • All facilities such as cleaning, fueling and catering offered

  • Passenger facilities like washrooms, seats, shops and sporadic decorations

Please enlighten on what can be going wrong here.


So , there is a difference between GA and small commercial flights. On the stand, you can switch between GA and commercial flights.
GA flights come by themselves and stay for a few hours, requesting fuel, and then leave requesting deicing if it’s cold.
Commercial small flights arrive when scheduled in the flight planner, and let of passengers and board passengers. They request fuel, being checked by ramp agents, and baggage service. This affects your commercial flight rating
You just need to toggle your small stands to GA mode, and then provide fuel service (avgas type).

Thanks @humoresque

Managed to get that changed with merely upgrading the runway to concrete and PAPI lights etc. Looks all ok for now.

We can close the thread…