Complex Baggage systems

Has anyone found a video for a complex baggage setup using the upgraded baggage scanners?? If no can someone make one. I learn better by seeing it down.


OK, for those starting out and having problems with baggage systems I found this link;

It’s kept simple and well explained but I changed the overground bit next to the wall in the secure area to a full underground belt with one overground to underground conveyor part linking into the underground wall belt from each check in desk (2 lines from each desk). so maybe 5-6 overgound pieces going vertically to the wall from the Check In desks. Then th elast piece is an underground one to link to the horizontal underground belt following th eside of the wall in the terminal building. this allows people to walk through where they could not when it was an overground belt.

Once the easy system as above is set up then change the ingoing belt to something like this system but still going in;

You see a few scanners in use and you link in at the end so all the bags do a loop through the scanners and the bad bags get diverted. Look carefully and you see some underground stuff too, so match those loosely. I have got a video of this setup but it’s not mine and I cannot find a link to it so I really cannot share it. I think it was YouTube and the code is “zQDqB8A”.

Good luck and enjoy, don’t be afraid to link more scanners in to a line as long as they have a way to loop back to the main system or be diverted to a destroyer/crusher if bad.

The First part of the baggage system is easy for me. Its learning the complex scanners and where the belts need to be run to once they go through a certain scanner.

On my setup I have all the scanners running. First all the baggage from the check in desk goes through the first basic scanner with a diversion to a belt that runs to the baggage destroyer. If bags get through the first basic scan they move onto the individual advanced scanners with each of them running to the same belt that leads to the destroyer and finally I have the security manned scanner with you guessed a link to the same belt that goes to the baggage destroyer. I think there are a few ways to set these up with the basic scanner really being obsolete once you unlock the advanced scanners, the security scanner I think is a more intense x-ray scan that is a final thorough scan you can do to be sure nothing was missed, like bodies.
I have also found that your incoming baggage is just as bad as the outgoing stuff so I have just set up a basic scanner on that line before it goes to the collection areas. I have thought that I could route the incoming baggage back into the larger scanning system and then using a tilt tray have it come back out towards the pick up areas but I was concerned it could slow down my baggage coming into the bay and therefore hold up aircraft. I think I will probably just add another scanning system for the incoming baggage to go through before it’s delivered to the collection belts.
I have also used multiple tilt trays to divert baggage to the right bays for pick up and also to divert incoming baggage to three collection belts I have in my airport. You also don’t need to place your scanners in the building the baggage bay area is in, it could be in a room next door to it which would allow you to run a much smaller area for the actual baggage bay. I think one of the challenges is to get all those belts set up so they link into the right sides of the baggage bay itself. Depending on where you come into the area it will determine how complex it will be as you can’t cross any other belts that are already there. My first attempt I had this huge space with two bays and the scanners with a lot of wasted space and much more belt system than I needed.
I really hope the complexity of the baggage system is kept and not simplified as I find it satisfying when you finally get it all working the way you want, it will hopefully lead to good scenarios that unfold during your game as well such as drug busts and the like. I’m loving the challenge of setting up these complex systems and ACEO seems to be delivering the depth I was looking for in this style/genre of game. I’m really hyped to see some more systems like catering and mechanical repairs come into the game play in the future.

Mine has the basic scanner, then flagged bags head to a line of all the secondary scanners. If they pass the basic or secondary they head to the plane. If they fail any secondary scan they all head to the final bag check where security examines. Only there if they fail are they destroyed, passed bags are sent to the plane.

If you divert bad bags from the first scan to the destroyer, false positives are being removed. A small % ever get destroyed if you give them the specific scans, a large % if you send all potentially bad bags from the basic scanner.

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Yeah I figured that would be the best way but those systems aren’t really implemented properly yet as there’s no positive or negative result. For me it was just about getting a baggage system up and running and checking out all the scanners but yes the way you have suggested is the exact way I will be setting it up in the future. Also once your airport is massive it will pay to have multiple scanning systems so you can throughput large quantities of bags quickly, this is where those awesome tilt trays will come into play I believe. Also as I posted before you will need to scan incoming baggage as well which will make the system even more complex and take up a fairly hefty footprint.
Once they implement a system that penalizes you for screwing up the baggage it will become a lot more complex. There are a number of options we can’t access fully yet like being able to rescue the bags if they are false positives, etc.

Edit: Another cool station could be a security table that bags get delivered to where they open up the baggage and do a search which could take time to do. You could have a quarantine belt that feeds multiple tables that are staffed. If the bag is good it can go to another belt that goes to the collection area or to the bay to be loaded onto aircraft. The extra time it takes to go through all the scanning stations is what will undoubtedly hold up your flights.