Colour coding vehicles

does anyone else colour specific vehicles specific colours?
EX, JET A1 trucks black. ANGUS 100LL trucks red

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I do I think it would be nice if they made it so that you don’t have to do it for every new vehicle and you could have an auto setting thing

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I’d like to but then it gets too much work, so I like the idea of @jibbsie.
Anyway, this is very low priority for me

it helps to save the colour but you do still have to go through every single truck to apply it

I paint A1 trucks blue-cyan (e.g. #0AF or similar) and 100LL yellow-orange (e.g. #FC0 or similar).

I paint my Baggage Trucks Yellow (#FFFF00) and my Fuel Trucks Orange (#FF8800). Everything else is White (#FFFFFF). I do it just like the vehicles menu ingame.

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