Codeshare or bug?

is this a codeshare or a bug?

I have only forrest contracts on my 4 star airport. And this is what i got. CODESHARE?. it is a bug

There is no codeshare in game. I suggest you to report it via in game bug report system.

sure. And also this bug has stopped happening after i quit and reloaded

Edit: Thanks No fun. it was an alpha 34 savegame. as i encountered it right after loading it

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Is this a new or a very old savegame?

As I know, Forest Air does not operate A320 anymore, then you get an alternative livery. So in the case you loaded an old pre Alpha 35 save, it’s not a bug.

/Edit: Correct, Forest Air does not have A320 in their fleet:

Cancel the contract and accept it again to get the newest fleet.

@andyc is correct. It is due to the airline realism overhaul where airlines where put into classes that better represent real world airlines.