Close own topic?

Is it possible to close a topic you created yourself? PMing poor EG0611 (or any other community leader, for that matter) every time I want to close something* might be a bit annoying to them…

*Considering that many entries tend to be uphill battles to the authors recently, that could happen quite often.

Yeah, I am pretty sure you could just do that by editing your post, then click delete with the three dots.

That’s something else… And I’ll note that it’s more impactful than simply closing your own topic.

Sorry I couldn’t help. :frowning:

As far as I know you cannot close your own topic. Pinging one of the community leaders is the fastest option, or wait for 7 days and the topic will close itself if no other reply has been done :wink:

Thank you @Puma!

Or do like I used to do and just leave a post asking to have the topic closed.

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Ok, thanks!

Are you sure the topic closes automatically? there were cases of people reviving topics months, or even years, after the last reply…

That’s because it is in a diffrent category. Different cattagories close sometimes at diffrent rates, and some don’t close which is why you have to ask a forum manager, (or something like that). :sweat_smile: :upside_down_face:

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I’m sure you’re not the first and you might have a point. Sometimes for what ever reason the topic doesn’t need to be there anymore and especially if it’s mine, I’d want to close it my self right that second, but like @Puma said just wait the 7 days and it’ll all be over and done with.

Unless someone happens to stumble into your topic on the 6th day of the 23rd hour and the 59th second and is interested in it! Then your back to square one, but it’s not to annoy anyone, just that it may spike interest to someone else? As funny as that scenario may be… :laughing: :sweat_smile:
In any case, just don’t think about it? :grimacing:

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