Cleaning, Catering Vanished

Hi Everyone I’m new to the forum I’ve been playing Airport CEO for a few weeks now and Love it. But one thing that has bugged me today when I went to open my airport it had vanished and all the areas were padlocked. Anyway not too much to worry about but I did notice that catering and cleaning trucks have vanished from the list of vehicles.

Are you sure that you are on the experimental branch?

I’ve just checked this now and I wasn’t i read further down just now about it.

Thank you

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First, make sure your save are physically still in your computer (I am not sure if you say your save are still here but contain a reseted map or if you don’t have any anymore).
If you are on Windows, go to :

C:\Users"Your Windows Username Here"\AppData\Roaming\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO\Saves

Keep in mind that the AppData folder is normally hidden, so you need to type the address in your windows explorer windows address bar, you can also simply type :


In your address bar.

Also if you don’t see any vehicles of the new Beta update you might not be in the Beta, here is a post to check this I wrote :

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Hi brilliant thank you for your advice and support


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