Choosing transport method

There needs to be an improvement in how passengers leaving choose which transport they use. I currently have a big queue for my bus stop but no queue for my subway. Yet passengers still join the queue for the bus stop. The only way to successfully reduce the queue is to simply turn off the bus stop (its the only way I could get rid of an 8000+ person queue that was lagging the game). Passengers need to be smarter in terms of which one to pick.

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That’s something that will be looked at over the coming time given one of the items shown in Trello that’s pending implementation.

I’m about to get rid of bus stops entirely… if you “close” them… they’ll all Q up for the subway and you’ll blow through thousands in short order.

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You could add more bus stops ?

It doesn’t really solve the problem. Passengers still queue in their hundreds even when there’s no queue for the subway.

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