Chaos with the luggage carts [solved]


I have had enormous problems with the baggage carts recently. Some of the carts drive across the site and simply change the freight assignments on a regular basis. Sometimes the carts stop in the middle of the street and block all traffic. Some of them drive a short loop with luggage from the parking depot and then turn back straight away to the depot. That means: absolute chaos! Is there a way to fix it?

greetings Cyrill


Regarding the first picture, can you send in a bug report ingame with an actual case and post the number here? I think that’s something for the devs. Never seen this before.

The 2nd: Looks like they get a job tasks but can’t find a valid path to it. What does it say when you click on the cars? What’s their actual job task?

Where is your baggage bay and how is the path to it?

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I agree with no-fun, the first one sounds like an extremely rare bug and the second one sounds like there are a road connection to a stand missing somewhere.

I use this savegame from Steam:

After a few hours of ingame the chaos with the luggage is very big.

These 3 baggage loading stations in the 1st basement have a warning that they are not accessible. In my opinion, all three of them are connected to the road.

Are they connected via road to each stand that’s assigned to that bay? I would recommend checking with the vehicle path tool! :slight_smile: In this case it’s usually some lone stand that is not properly connected.

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Many thanks for your help.
Where can I find ingame the vehicle path tool?
Sorry, but I’m still a beginner at Airptort CEO and am currently learning a lot :slight_smile:

Under the magnifying icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. If it’s not under that one then it’s under one of the other colored icons down there

I found it and was able to solve the problem. The two road tunnels were placed right next to the road and the path did not work with this 180 ° turn. I moved the tunnels by one grid and now all paths work :slight_smile:


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