CEO Air Airport

Here my Airport :slight_smile:


In the Night is my PC dying :smiley: but it works!


Nifty, but why do you have double lines of taxiway nodes? I would remove one set. Also didnt know you could color the jetways, that is pretty neat.

With the double lines of taxiway nodes prevent a traffic jam at to many Planes arrive

The first 10,104 Persons on my Airport :slight_smile:

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Let me guess; you have 1 FPS :smiley:

:smiley: no.
I have 4,5 FPS with 1920x1080 and good Quality. Not Playable :smiley:

You have 10k passengers not because a lot of flights, but because some passengers stuck in toilet/bus stop or boarding deck. Even send all home will not help. Unfortunately this still happens sometime.