[CBM] The AirportCEO Mod Loader 1.0.1


What Is The AirportCEO Mod Loader?

The AirportCEO Mod Loader is finally here! It is a complex modding framework that allows for loading mods off the workshop and has a multitude of other benefits over the previous UMF system. Alongside this release, all mods will be getting an update and there’ll be 3 brand-new QOL mods to try out. It is lighter and fully controlled by the community, allowing for much greater versatility and once set up, is much easier to use. To install, simply follow the installation instructions here.

Note that this is a completely separate system to UMF, and they are incompatible! UMF and UMF mods will continue to work, but will not be updated. Therefore, it is recommended that, as soon as possible, you uninstall UMF and install the mod loader. The Code Based Mods on the Steam Workshop will not work with UMF, and UMF code mods don’t work with the Mod Loader. Only airline mods, the Tweaks Aircraft Pack, and Custom Buildables items/floors/tileables will work with both.

Once you install the Mod Loader, all mods for steam users are just one click away - simply subscribe to them.

Bugs and Support

  • Report any and all bugs related to the Mod Loader here - these should occur even when you are not subscribed to any other CBMs (or have none directly installed)
  • Do NOT report bugs when using this mod to the developers! Uninstall the mods and see if the bug occurs that way, only then report it. The Mod Loader will prevent you from doing this as well


The Mod Loader is primarily that - a mod loader. It also contains various utilities for modders that make creating mods a lot easier. There are also a couple of auto-update and minor features that come with it, but nothing major.

I need to thank!

  • @Fredrik For adding a new Steam Workshop Category!
  • @Olof For giving permission to do this
  • @zekew11 For giving me permission to release Tweaks
  • @dawed For testing and providing support
  • @Hap0vecXD For initially getting me interested in modding
  • And everyone in the modding community who supported the project!

Bye bye UMF! Welcome greatest modloader


I’m working on a new ACEOTweaks and Mod Loader promotional video, can I get image footage? Thank you!

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Um you want the images (logos) and everything? Please reach out to me personally and I can get them to you
(A pm here or a message to _humoresque on discord works)


Great work guys! thanks so much for your hard labour to keep improving on our beloved game!
On to many new and improved airports!

Thank you so much to @HenRey for making most of the new video showing installation and usage!


I’m glad to see the community grow up :smile:

Translating the Mod Loader

Because of community interest I’m hoping that the Mod Loader and related texts will eventually be available in multiple languages. Currently on the steam page is changed, but as I make other possible I hope more will be available. The next ML update may add some localization support. If you want to contribute, get in touch!

Steam Workshop Page Localization

  • :green_square: English: Base Version
  • :green_square: German: Done thanks to @dawed
  • :green_square: Spanish: Done thanks to dawed
  • :orange_square: Hungarian: First title translated, more coming soon (if I remember how to write)
  • Chinese may be available in future…

Other parts coming soon!

I now switched from UMF to mod loader. The only thing missing now is the “Airport CEO mod” from UMF - Airport CEO Mod (Airport CEO Mod) Seems the author is not active anymore. It has some functions, I really liked:

  • Edit BaseSalary
  • TougherConcrete
  • MaxSkill
  • CleanerPeople
  • Master Debator (All contract negotiations are accepted, regardless of terms).
    Is it possible to convert this mod to load it with Airport CEO mod Loader? Or to add the functions to one of your other mods?

Yeah, the author is inactive and was never a member of the community. Therefore, I don’t have the source code, so I can’t do a direct conversion. I could add some of those features to my smaller mods and I may at some point. But it’s finals season so we will see when I get around to doing it

Preview of version 1.0.1 (will release soon once some translation is done)

  • Improvement: Made it more obvious that you can’t report bugs with the ML Preview
  • New Feature: Added similar system to stop users from reloading the game on the fly. Preview
  • New Feature: Localization support (see info below) Preview

Localization will finally be coming to the Mod Loader to continue to make it more accessible and a core part of the game. I have to manually add translations through a coded system, but contribution is easy and clean through crowdin.com.

The project is located here: AirportCEO Mod Loader dashboard in Crowdin
To contribute, simply use THIS link to become a translator and go crazy!

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The least “hacky” of these features is now included in AirportCEO Structure Repair Improvements with a sldier.


Version 1.0.1

  • Improvement: Made it more obvious that you can’t report bugs with the ML
  • New Feature: Added similar system to stop users from reloading in game (both can be disabled in config)
  • Localization:
    • Added Localization System
    • Added Simplified Chinese Localization (Thanks to @HenRey )


This is a small update that makes restrictions more obvious by using UI, and adds a localization system. Localization is finally coming to the Mod Loader to continue to make it more accessible. Contribution is easy and clean through THIS LINK (its a join link to the crowdin page).



We’ve already reached over 1,000 Mod Loader subscribers on Steam. AirportCEO Tweaks on UMF has gained 1950 unique users over the past years, the highest of any mod. What we previously achieved in 2 years we are now half way to in just 1 month. :tada: I’d like to again thank everyone for the enormous positive reaction to these mods. Thank you! :pray:


From today, July 10th 2024, AirportCEO Mods using UMF are officially out of support. With this, the phasing out of mods will begin shortly and proceed quickly