Car Parks and rent a car

Not everyone gets dropped off and picked up at the airport, maybe you could add Car Parks and places to rent a car also. Also maybe add the ability to add lounges for first class ect…


Car parks exist already.

Where can I find them?

Depends on which branch you are, car parks are only available on the experimental branch for now. When Alpha 33 goes live on the main branch it will be available to all users. You can opt-in for the experimental branch, but please be aware that it is not called ‘experimental’ for nothing :wink:

Ah I see! Yes I am not on the experimental branch rn, do you know how I can change over?

In Steam right click on ACEO - Properties - Betas menu - Select the beta you want to opt-in to

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Remember, experimental branch is buggy. If you want a stable build only, use regular branch, but if you don’t mind bug testing, go to experimental. Has all the new stuff up to date, but also new bugs. :slight_smile:

Edit: Ah, Puma already warned you. No worries. Also note that old airports will most likely break with the new branch. Keep your save of the old airport and only use new experimental saves with the exp branch.


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